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San Miguel (São Miguel), known even as “The Green Island”, is the greatest and most populated island of the Azorean Archipelago with approximately 150,000 inhabitants, 50,000 living in Ponta Delgada, the capital which offers to the visitor beautiful monuments, elegant architecture and parks. The best weather is between May and October with the hottest months in July, August, and September. From November to April is also pleasant, but temperatures dip considerably.

San Miguel Island Tour


  • Day 1 – Arrival to Ponta Delgada | Half day Sensory City tour.
  • Day 2 – Full day tour -The West and Sete Cidades with thermal waters and fullness activity Kayaks, stand up paddles, and bicycle.
  • Day 3 – Full day walk tour to Lagoa do Fogo between lava tunnels and aqueducts.
  • Day 4 – Full day Gastronomic and cultural tour to Furnas Valley.
  • Day 5 – Half day whale watching – free afternoon.
  • Day 6 – Full day to discover the origin of the island, between Raw Forest and Waterfalls.
  • Day 7 – Free Self-day | Sunset honor with Azorean Wine and cheese tasting.
  • Day 8 – Departure.


  • Transfer from and to the airport.
  • Tour Leader speaking English (24/7).
  • Full day tours (4).
  • One day free with one special evening, with possibilities for extras in the free part of the day.
  • Half day tours (2) with possibilities for extras in the free part of the day.
    It is no possible to use for the extras the arrival half- day free.
  • Lunches (4 on the Full days).
  • Private Van.
  • Free Water and snacks on board.
  • Dinner (1 Sunset honor).
  • Entrances in all parks and natural reserves.
  • Hotel.
  • Insurance (are covered only the excursions hours).

Mandatory equipment: swimsuit, towel, trekking shoes, bag or backpack.


Day 1 – Arrival to Ponta Delgada | Half day

Transfer in from the airport to the place of stay in Ponta Delgada.
Half day (+- 3 hours) Ponta Delgada City Tour & gastronomical flavors.
This activity is planned to let you know the guide, the city itself, where to eat, places to walk and exercise, where to buy souvenirs or groceries, pharmacies, but last but not least the farmer’s markets where we will find and explore what these volcanic solids have to offer, trying some pineapples and cheeses etc.
Back to the Hotel before dinner time (dinner not included).

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 2 – Sete Cidades | Full Day

With this van tour, you will have the possibility to see Sete Cidades and the western part of São Miguel island.
This lake is the most iconic places on São Miguel Island.
Astonishing views over one of Portugal’s seven wonders with a 22 km rim and two main lakes – blue and green we are talking about Sete Cidade’s location.
With some stops along the way like Canário Lake and Grota do Inferno Viewpoint Village of Sete Cidades, Pico do Ferro, Ponto do Sossego, and meal in a local restaurant.
In the end for a warm thermal bath on the sea with water temperatures reaching 40ºc (104 F), but not before exploring the interior of Sete Cidades lake by Kayak, stand up Paddle and some cycling around this enormous peaceful Paradise.
Arrive back to Ponta Delgada before dinner time (dinner not included).

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 3 – Fogo Lake | Full Day 

São Miguel Island has a lot of waterfalls and hikes that you can do and enjoy the green nature.
This is a hike located near Lagoa do Fogo – one of the most famous lakes of the Island.
The walking tour is circular and includes a trail of around 8 km alongside the old water pipes and paths that provided potable water to the city of Lagoa and from Lagoa do Fogo. On this hike, you will also be able to see some waterfalls.
Stop for lunch; a light meal is included and a visit to Fogo Lake after it.
To relax we will visit the Caldeira Velha hot springs and visit the liquor factory in Ribeira Grande.
The perfect end to a full day of adventure and discoveries.
Back to Ponta Delgada before dinner time (dinner not included).

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 4 – Furnas Valley | Full Day

Furnas is one of the most well-known locations of São Miguel Island because of its natural thermal baths.
The Azores have volcanic origins and Furnas location is still one of the most active ones.
You have several different phenomena here: vapors that come out of the ground – Furmarolas: Water springs – you can taste it!
Hot gases where we cook the famous “cozido” and the hot thermal baths.
This is where we are heading on this day.
As soon as we arrive to Furnas, we will have a nice walk around the lake where you will be able to know more about the fauna and flora of that location as well as exploring the surroundings of the village.
Tasting the “cozido” is also included and so are hot thermal baths in Terra Nostra, a visit to the amazing Botanical Garden and its exploration.
Definitely an entire day full of senses.
Back to Ponta Delgada before dinner time (dinner not included).

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 5 – Nordeste | Full Day

The origin of SãoMiguel Island – Nordeste: This is a location with amazing and deep views and history.
It’s located in the eastern part of São Miguel, one of the most unique and remote Places of the island, that is around 3.5 million years old with the highest point of the Island being – Pico da Vara.
You will get to know more about this location at the start of our tour of the day.
Afternoon arrives and we will take a hike.
This is one of the most famous waterfalls of the Island located in Faial da Terra.
As a remote location, Faial da Terra has unique views and pleasures, that we will lead you into after enjoying the picnic lunch with the waterfall view and Nature, the village will be where we will be heading into.
In the end, enjoying an ocean bath with a great view in Portinho do Faial da Terra. (water temperature: 15 C/59 F degrees in winter and 24 C/79 F degrees in summer).
Back to Ponta Delgada before dinner time (dinner not included).

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 6 – Whale Watching | Half day

The Azores Archipelago is well-known for its sustainable whale watching practices.
Our waters are home or just a stop for more than 28 cetacean species and some of them are resident species; meaning you can see them all year round; such as bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and our Sperm whales.
Enjoy a boat trip around our coastline to see some of them in the company of marine biologists. This is a must do.
Free afternoon.
(dinner not included).

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 7 – Free Day | Sunset Honor

The final part of our trip is the best experience; tasting some amazing local wines, delicacies and enjoying the sunset on a remote location of São Miguel Island.

San Miguel Island Tour

Day 8

Morning transfer to the airport.


During your trip you’ll have the opportunity to participate in several optional tours during the free time.
These tours go beyond the standard tourist experience, and are designed to give you a memorable glimpse into local culture, history, and entertainment.
These tours are not included in the Package price, they have an extra cost:

  • Snorkeling in Vila Franca Islet in the afternoon (possible only from 15 June up to 15 September) with lunch included – 37.50 euro per person.
  • Canoeing (+-3 hours) – 60 euro per person.
  • Coasteering (+- 3 hours) – 65 euro per person.
  • Half day – Swimming with dolphins – 80 euro per person.
  • Full day Thematic cultural tour to Maia – 55 euro per person.
  • Relaxing evening experience in the hot Springs under the stars – 50 euro per person (not possible the 7th day) – This is the perfect tour for people that want to relax after one day exploring the island.
    We will depart from Ponta Delgada at 19:00 (7 pm) driving to some really nice viewpoints where we will share our knowledge about the origin of the Islands.
    Then we will spend some quality time in 39ºC/102F waters that will make you relax … and at that point the stars start to appear in the sky, making this an amazing experience!
    Finally, we will walk in Furnas, stopping at some points of interest.
    Our experience ends with some hot magical tea and homemade cookies.
    Body and energies will be totally recovered!

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