Let us introduce to you Kryon, an Angelic Entity channeled by the American Lee Carroll since 1989.

Kryon messages are full of Compassion, Equanimity and Love, together with scientific information and details of the hidden past history of our planet.

The messages contain accurate information which often finds confirmations in most recent geological and scientific discoveries.

In May 2019, for the first time, Lee Carroll was in Azores with a group of 54 people and he channeled Kryon in 10 unforgettable sessions.

Here we offer you the recordings of the first two (specifically about Azores and their past), in case you are curious about listening to the recordings before your voyage with us, or even without any journey with us!

In case you would like to continue the series, you will find the rest of the Azorean recordings on www.kryon.com together with much more material.

All this has free access.

We wish you the best on your wonderful journey full of Grace and surprises!

Audio 1 – Azores

Audio 2 – The Power of the Crystalline Grid