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Discover the most popular islands in the Azores on a trip of seven days.
Unique experiences of flavors and adventure that take you to walk in history and to savor the present where nature, still intact, makes time stop.
Always in the company of a Local Guide speaking English, certified by the Natural Park of the Azores, you will enjoy the best experiences in these heavenly islands.


The capital Horta, facing the sea, is a point of reference for all boats that cross the Atlantic and has one of the most beautiful marinas in the Azores.
On its mountain there is a natural crater, Caldeira, which is worth visiting.

Faial Island Tour


This Island is known for its imposing mountain, the highest point of Azores and Portugal, the Pico Mountain, with 2351 m.  altitude.
The climb with a guide is one of the most sought-after challenges for those who visit Pico.
This island was also known for whaling and currently it is done, thanks to God, just with a camera on whale watching boat trips.
The vineyards planted in the rock, classified as World Heritage, are another of the typical attractions in Pico.

Pico Island Tour


São Jorge the -Dragon Island- is a Biosphere Reserve since 2016.
The island is known for its famous cheese, it’s manufacture started over 500 years ago- Queijo de São Jorge- and for its Fajãs (geological formations by landslides or volcano), unique landscapes in the Azores, and also for the clear and crystalline waters of the countless natural pools in the middle of the basaltic rocks or in coastal lagoons.


  • Day 1 – Arrival to Faial island – Half day City tour.
  • Day 2 – Full day tour – Faial island and ferry trip to Pico island.
  • Day 3 – Full day tour – Pico island.
  • Day 4 – Day on Pico choosing hiking or whale watching.
  • Day 5 – Ferry trip to São Jorge island – Village tour/ walking trail.
  • Day 6 – Full day tour – São Jorge island.
  • Day 7 – Walking trail or walking Fajãs (geological ormations by landslides or volcano). Return to Faial island by ferry.
  • Day 8 – Departure from Faial island.


  • Airport transfers from and to.
  • Full day tours.
  • Inter-island ferries transfers.
  • Local Guide speaking English.
  • Private Van (free water and “bolachas” cookies on board).
  • Lunch.
  • Museum tickets.
  • Activity on Pico: Pico Mountain or Whale watching.
  • Activity on Sao Jorge: walking trail options.
  • Hotel.
  • Insurance (is covered only during the excursions hours).

Mandatory equipment: swimsuit, towel, trekking shoes, bag or backpack.


Day 1 – Arriving to the island of Faial

Morning arriving to Faial Island.
Transfer in from the airport to the place of stay in Faial.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
In the afternoon Horta city tour to let you know the guide, the city itself, stores and souvenirs.
You will have even a small walking trail with spectacular views on Horta city or if you prefer a walking trip to the beach (Porto Pim), just outside the city.
Dinner not included.

Faial Island Tour

Day 2 – Faial island tour and ferry to Pico island

After breakfast, ride in the van covering the entire island of Faial, with emphasis on visiting Caldeira, the central mountain of the island, and Capelinhos, with the opportunity to visit the local museum.
Lunch in a local restaurant.
Trip by ferry to Pico Island.
Dinner not included.

Faial Island Tour

Day 3 – Pico Island

Tour with the van through the island of Pico, with a visit to the landscape of wine culture World Heritage, visit to the Wine Museum with wine tasting and to the Whale Museum.
Lunch at Local Restaurant.
Dinner not included.

Pico Island Tour

Day 4 – Pico Mountain or Whale watching

Day where you choose the wanted activity:

Option 1 – Climb to Pico Mountain
This activity is always dependent on weather conditions, so it can be cancelled and replaced by another; such as a visit to Gruta das Torres (cave visit).
Don’t worry, with us the climb will be at your pace.
Once the adventure is over, back to civilization we pass through Lagoa do Capitão for another photo, with the mountain in the background.
Dinner not included.

Option 2 – Whale watching
This activity is always dependent on weather and sea conditions, so it can be cancelled and replaced by another; such as visit to the Gruta das Torres (cave visit).
On this tour of about three hours, you will have the opportunity to meet the big cetaceans and sometimes also see turtles, birds and other marine species.
Picnic lunch included (sandwich, juice, fruit, typical sweet, water).
In the afternoon visit to Lagis, a village with an ancient whale hunting traditions.
Dinner not included.

Pico Island Tour

Day 5 – São Jorge Island

After breakfast by ferry to São Jorge.
Transfer to the Hotel.
Lunch included at Local Restaurant.
Tour in Vila das Velas with a walking trail to Morro de Vela, overlooking the village.
Dinner not included.

São Jorge Island Tour

Day 6 – São Jorge Tour

After breakfast a tour of the whole island of São Jorge.
We will taste the famous São Jorge cheese, the typical island sweet and the Fajã dos Vimes coffee produced there.
Lunch included at Local restaurant.
We offer on this tour also the Snorkel activity in one of the most beautiful natural pools in the Azores the – Poça de Simão Dias – and the opportunity to observe some of the «colorful fish» that abound in Azores.
If you know how to swim but have never used this equipment don’t worry, as our Guide will be happy to teach you how to use it in ten minutes.
Dinner not included.

Day 7 – Walking Trail – Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo / Return to Faja

This trail allows a unique tour with a mix of adventure, walking through the history of Fajã da Caldeira de SantoCristo, cooling off in a waterfall, taking a dip in the Lagoon and visiting a legendary cave.
Picnic lunch included (sandwich, juice, fruit, typical jam, water).
Dinner not included.

Alternative Option: Fajã dos Cubres trail – Fajã da Caldeira de SantoCristo – Fajã dos Cubres
Alternatively to the mountain trail you can opt for the trail from Fajã dos Cubres.
This Fajã, was elected one of the “7 wonders of Portugal – Aldeias” in the category Aldeias de Mar (sea villages) in 2017, recognizing its beauty and natural importance, in particular of its charming lagoon of brackish waters and subject to tides, enabling panoramas of rare beauty and peace of mind.
Picnic lunch included (sandwich, juice, fruit, typical sweet, water).
The return after the trail to “Caldeira”, takes about 30 minutes.
Return to Faial Island.
Dinner not included.

São Jorge Island Tour

Day 8 – Departure

Morning Transfer to the Faial airport.

Return Home

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