Don’t think of the Azores Archipelago as a subtropical paradise because you would be wrong.

Azores has simply a maritime subtropical climate!

The islands are located at the same latitude of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean makes the temperatures much milder during the year.

In Summer the temperatures are around 26/30 C degrees (78/86 F degrees) and in Winter between 12 and 18 C degrees (53/64 F degrees).

The islanders love to say that in one day in Azores you can experiment all the four seasons together!

In fact it is wrong to imagine Azores as an always sunny place and is it more realistic to consider them as a territory with sudden weather shifts.

Umbrellas are useless in Azores because a breeze blows incessantly which can give troubles to your umbrella.

The best period in order to visit Azores is between March and September.

Of course even the rest of the year offers good chances to visit the Archipelago but there is no certainty of sunny days.

In winter we suggest to take with you autumn clothes, a sweater, a jacket, and a raincoat.

In summer take light clothing (t- shirts, shorts, open shoes), but also a sweatshirt or sweater, a light scarf for the wind, a light jacket, and a raincoat.